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Ditch the (unhealthy) Mayo and try this instead

Ditch the Mayo

Some people love mayo for its silky texture and tart flavour. Others find it downright repulsive. Regardless, those that do utilize it, never use a little bit, they always slather it on or use a whole lot. So much so that it has surpassed tomato sauce as the number one selling condiment in the world.

I’ve come across countless people that think mayo is fairly healthy since it is a simple emulsion of eggs and oil with some spice to add flavour. However, when you factor in the quantities used to achieve the consistency and check the nutritional breakdown, you’ll come to find that it is quite fattening.

While mayonnaise is mainly unsaturated fat, which is healthier, one tablespoon of this good stuff contains a whopping 90 calories. If you want to trim your waistline or look after your heart, then rather skip it. Most store-bought mayo doesn’t contain olive oil and has added preservatives and extra salt added to it.

Try this instead!

Ditch the Mayo and try Cream Cheese instead

Make your own homemade mayo using Greek yoghurt or cottage cheese. Not only do they contain less calories, 12 and 15 respectively, but you’ll be surprised at just how similar the textures to mayonnaise are. Add a little garlic, salt and herbs to your liking and you have a dip/ sandwich spread/ dressing that’s way better than mayonnaise. Tastier and healthier.

Would you try this substitute?

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