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The Truth: Is Yoghurt really healthy?

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A lot of people that want to diet or start ‘eating healthy’ almost always have yoghurt on their shopping list. Whilst we do believe that yoghurt is a beneficial addition to your diet, some variants out there smash their efficacy. So is yoghurt really healthy? Here’s the response from @drmarkhyman

“It depends. Yogurt can be healthy, depending on how you eat it, but most of it is little better than junk food. In fact, most yogurt has the same amount of sugar per ounce as soda! ⠀

Grass-fed sheep, goat, or cow yogurt, unsweetened and with live cultures, can be part of a healthy diet for those of us who are not sensitive or allergic to dairy. Personally, I like unsweetened coconut yogurt. But you want to avoid yogurt that contains fruit, sweetener, additives, or anything extra.” 

Here’s some tips on how to enjoy yoghurt the healthy way.

  • Opt for double cream yoghurt. Whilst the stigma is that full fat will make you fat, it is only a myth. Studies show that people who consumed full-fat dairy products felt fuller for longer and slowed down the release of sugar into the bloodstream.
  • Always choose plain yoghurt. While it is the least tasty of all the options available, you can rather add honey to sweeten it up than consume all the unhealthy sugars which are bad for our bodies.
  • Sweeten it up with fruit. If you’re not a fan of honey or want to create a more fulfilling meal, add some fresh fruits to jazz it up and kick those sugar cravings.
  • Make it hearty. If you want to feel fuller for longer or feel you won’t be satisfied with the yoghurt and fruit alone, add some sugar-free muesli or health seeds (chia, flaxseed, pumpkin) or even a few raw nuts to your yoghurt bowl.

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